Ignorance and Elitism

If you’re not checking out Open Culture a couple times a week, you’re missing out.  Easily one of the most fascinating sites online right now and one you’ll be seeing pop up again in this blog in the near future.  This time around I wanted to share something I picked up from them today: a short essay by Isaac Aasimov about the undercurrent of anti-intellectualism that informs various facets of American culture.

I don’t want to make this a long political thing.  In part because the last few months have been so full of news, revelations, surprises and scandals that it’s getting to be exhausting.  Rather, I wanted to offer up the link for you to make of it what you will and share that I really do agree with Aasimov that we all have the potential to become brilliant, creative, educated and witty.  Like anything else, these are skills to be practiced and trained.

Reading books for pleasure doesn’t make one an elitist.  It makes you a reader.  Many people talk about relying on their gut feelings and instincts, but those are all the product of training your skills to the point where you don’t need to consciously think of them anymore to be good at them.  I love learning new things because there’s a world of stuff out there that I don’t even know I’m in to yet.  It’s out there for you too.  So even if you disagree with Isaac, try giving Open Culture a shot.  Browse it a couple times a week and look for something that catches your interest.  You may find something that makes your life better, something that improves your existing knowledge and skills.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to take up a new hobby.  Or at the very least, you can learn something new and cool.

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