S1E05 – Holier Than Thou

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The party take a contract to help a fallen paladin  on his quest for atonement.  It doesn’t take long before they find that a Lawful Good outlook doesn’t exactly make one a saint.  Things only get more complicated from there, forcing Celeste to step in and try to make things right.

S1E05 Holier Than Thou

S1E04 – What You Pay For

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Returning merchandise can sometimes be easy and painless.  This isn’t one of those times.  Soren’s attempts to return a faulty magic item cause the party a headache when the defective merchandise is traced back to a conjurer with a chip on his shoulder.

S1E04 What You Pay For

Alex’s Playlist – Dungeon

I have a whole playlist set up that I listen to when writing for this series.  Here’s the first in a set of videos about some of the bands on it.

Everybody Loves Info Graphics!

magic auras

Episode 4 is coming up in the next few days.  Before that, here’s a handy guide I put together just for you.  This shows the respective colored auras of each school of magic in the setting as seen through spells like detect magic.  I figured this would be useful to have since none of the core sourcebooks ever mention any specific colors for any of the schools of magic.  I got the color guide from a back issue of Dragon Magazine and assembled this in Photoshop over a weekend a while back.    If you like, feel free to use this in your own games and campaigns.  Enjoy.

Abjuration (green), Conjuration (orange), Divination (pearl white), Enchantment (magenta), Evocation (red), Illusion (sunshine yellow), Necromancy (indigo), Transmutation (blue)

S1E03 – Goth Almighty!

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The party have been hired to go into the Southern Marches to save the village of Ildegast from the reign of terror of a vampire.  Hunting vampires is a difficult but manageable problem as long as you know what you’re doing.  Then again, when you’re outfitted for fighting a vampire you tend to get blindsided when you encounter something else…

S1E03 Goth Almighty!

S1E02 – Slave Wages

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Soren and crew are hired to come out to the coast and deal with a band of slavers who have been abducting the locals.  In what is sure to become a pattern, things aren’t so clean cut as the party stumble upon the evidence of something bigger going on.

S1E02 Slave Wages




S1E01 – Temple Run

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The story begins.  Soren and crew go to DungeonCon for their first adventuring contracts and head out to loot an abandoned dark temple in the countryside.

S1E01 Temple Run