Don’t Be Your Hero


In “Steal Like an Artist” author Austin Kleon points to the stories of artists who failed to live up to the ideals of their heroes and so became the distinct people they are today.  I’ve seen that pattern in myself in hindsight.

I think back on some of the student films I made and see echoes of Mel Brooks, Aaron Williams, Rod Serling, Roger Corman, John Carpenter, Tim Burton…  I was aping a hundred different dudes in those 4 years and change.  Looking back it was pretty awkwardly jammed together.

In fact, between now and high school, I was on one long bender of trying to be The Next Whoever.  In the process I kept butting heads with the reality that I’m not any of those people.  Frustrating at first but in hindsight I’ve mapped out many of my limitations and now have a clearer picture of who I can be.

I’ll be producing more mentalism videos in the near future so keep an eye out.  I have a few experiments I want to try.

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