Pittsburgh’s Magnificent Mentalist As Seen on TV

Diagnosed early in life with autism and depression, Alexander Vornoff had to learn the intricacies of the mind and memory to overcome challenges that constantly held him back.  After honing his skills as a street performer, he is now one of the most intriguing young performance artists in town.

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Can body language reveal a liar?  Do tiny signals give people away?  Can two people be so connected that they can actually share sensations?  Alexander’s show is all about the mysteries of the mind and how reality is only whatever you think it is.  There is no other show like it in Pittsburgh.  See the performance that puts the “awe” in “audience.”
Call 412-600-4445 or email to alexander@alexandervornoff.com now to book a date.  All shows must be scheduled a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.  The further ahead you call, the better your odds of getting the day you want.
Reviews for the show:
I have seen Alex ‘in action’ at his show and not only was I impressed, the whole audience was impressed!  Especially when he did his ‘kinetic touch’.  If you can rearrange your schedule, go see Alex’s show!  You won’t be disappointed!
-Becky Auer, founder of Nakama in the South Side
Recently saw Alex in a noisy bar of all places perform and you could have heard a pin drop.  Now if he can get partying drunks to quiet down just think what he could do with a room full of attentive professionals.  BTW, have also seen him in that environment and the results of his performance were just as amazing.
-Joanne Quinn-Smith, creator of Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine



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